Dien Chau TNR Stars has confirmed as the top leading model urban project of Nghe An province

Ngày 11 tháng 01 năm 2022

It was being launched in 2019, Dien Chau TNR Stars has confirmed to be as the top leading model urban project of Nghe an province. With the logical infrastructure planning, methodical investment in utilities to serve the shopping, entertainment, relaxation, study needs etc. The project has contributed to change the urban face of Dien Chau district, and at the same time, creating a new standard of living for local people.
Bringing about the breath of the new life, the vibrant rhythm of life blowing into the peace and lightness of Phu Dien Land, Dien Chau TNR Stars was planned with the desire to become th land with full of hope, a place that lights up the joy of living. It’s belief and desire for a new better future., the project is divided into four sub-zones on the total area of ​​more than 33 hectares according to the "Tu An" philosophy such as An Thinh, An Hoa, An Tri and An Loc areas. In each of mini-zones, in addition to types of typical facilities such as adjacent townhouses, shop houses - boutique houses, eco-logical garden houses, villa, etc., although there are also many more specific utilities added, giving residents unique experiences of the high-class life with modern amenities but it’s still very closed to nature.

Dien Chau TNR Stars project has been connecting with the area surrounded by Bung Xanh cool river

Dien Chau TNR Stars project Residents enjoy the privilege of every – festival occasions

Dien Chau TNR Stars residents will be immersed in the endless green space, enjoy the fresh air of the rivers and lakes, and admire the winding flowers the colorful beauty which are siding of the internal road system. Especially, just a few steps away, residents will admire the world wonders Such as the statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pyramid, Opera houses etc., gathering at century park. This is a special highlight that creates its own attraction and position when there have not been any projects that bring this to residents.

The closed photo to the project center.

Going along with the design the talented architects’ hands, the enthusiasm of the investor, the professionalism of the project management and development companies, Dien Chau TNR Stars has brought to the residents living in the project. Although the new, classy experiences of the modern, comfortable lifestyle, it’s still closed to nature deserve the title of the best quality real estate product in 2021 that being nominated by consumers.

Nguồn: TNR Holdings Việt Nam