Vissan’s been taking consumers’ interests as the goals and the development motivation.

Ngày 06 tháng 01 năm 2022

Throughout more than 50 years of building and development, today Vietnam Animal husbandry products Industry Joint Stock Company (Vissan) has thriving to become one of the leading enterprises in the Vietnamese food industry and a "highlight" in implementing socio-economic programs, goals of HCMC particularly and the whole country in general. This is also a solid launch foundation for Vissan to incessantly reach new heights, realize its aspiration to become a leading food brand in Vietnam and strongly expand internationally.

The Persistent Vision

Vissan has persistently accompanied to bring about the delicious, nutritious meals and ensures food safety and hygiene to millions of Vietnamese families for more than 50 years of the development. In order to protect the consumers’ health in the context of the rampant contaminated food, Through this model, Vissan has helped Vissan strictly manage from input materials to get products done to the market, contributing to serving the community's interests and protecting consumers' health. Especially for the processed foods, the company constantly researches, develops and markets new products; regularly, survey the people’s tastes trends of consumers to develop convenient products on the basis of ensuring the criteria of quality, nutrition, safety, suitable to the consumers’ tastes, widely accepted by consumers’ trust and supports. 

Vissan's products have been presenting  in all 63 provinces and cities nationwide so far; They are distributed and sold at the most supermarkets across to the country, convenience stores, commercial centers, and traditional markets etc, including the largest supermarket chains in Vietnam such as CoopMart, SatraMart, VinMart etc.

Besides, its products have been also distributing more than 130 distributors, having 130,000 places of the sale on traditional channels, more than 1,000 supermarkets, convenience stores and nearly 50 products introduction stores systerm nationwide. Besides, the resounding success in the domestic market, Vissan's products have been gradually conquering the international markets by taking steadily steps:

Exporting frozen professedly traditional products, meat products ... to North America, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Russia, Laos, Cambodia etc.

In the Industrial Revolution context 4.0 is making the drastic and profound changes in all of the socio-economic aspects, the online distribution channels development has been becoming an inevitable trend in the distribution activities of all business’s areas.  Not being out of trend, with the constant innovation spirit and pioneering in all activities, Vissan has been focusing on expanding more online sales channels (can order  via Hotline No. 19001960. Fanpage:  opening booths) food on the E-commerce platforms, Shoppeefood, Loship etc).
Through this it helps customers to feel secure and comfortable choosing to buy the company's products conveniently and quickly. In particular, Vissan has also launched an online sales via website to provide fresh and delicious products, ensuring food safety and hygiene to consumers quickly and conveniently.

In the digital technology era with increasingly the fierce competitive pressure, Vissan will certainly face to many challenges that require the in-depth investment, constantly explore and create to bring market about new products. So that the best quality products meet market trends and consumer needs. Being well aware of this, we will continue to take the consumers’ interests as a development goal, constantly expanding sales distribution channels, deploying links with business partners to reach out todomestic consumers and regional countries” - General Director of Vissan’s  Ngoc An Nguyen said that. 

The constant improvement and innovation to serve consumers by the best way

The success secret, which is also the driving force of Vissan's development, demonstrates in its mission of providing the market with the safe, high-quality and nutritious food products; constantly improving to get the best products, bringing about the interesting experiences and satisfaction to the community and the whole society.

It can be seen that in the hustle and bustle style of the city life, instead of making the traditional meals that are cooked and meticulously arranged, are industrial meals with quick and convenient criteria but it’s necessary to still ensure nutritional contents. On the closely basis following market trends, Vissan puts on its responsibilities with a new mission:

Preserving and promoting the value of Vietnamese family meals in modern life. This is also the driving force that motivates this leading food business to constantly build and perfect the safe and sustainable food supply chain "From farms to meal forks":  Promoting the  research, creating and continuously bringing to market food products with delicious taste, rich in nutrition and diverse in designs such as: sausages, spring rolls, canned goods, braised meat with eggs, meat spiced pork, dumplings, wonton etc.

Through the wide distribution network, consumers can buy Vissan’s current made products from the urban to the rural areas of the good quality factors with affordable price, and very convenient in processing; providing quick but it’s delicious and nutritious meals, contributing to stabilizing food market prices as well as ensuring food safety and hygiene to the community. Going in line with the common goal of stabilizing the market, Vissan is also closely associated with the Campaign for Vietnamese people to give priority to use Vietnamese products such as: promoting the high-quality Vietnamese goods program too the countryside, bringing high-quality products to the countryside with the affordable prices to consumers.

"The stable price also partly proves Vissan's strict management and production management from the raw materials, input materials to output products, thereby, providing consumers with products. This is also a way for the Vissan brand to spread and leave a deeper impression in the consumers’ hearts," General Director Ngoc An Nguyen that emphasized.

Recognizing that the distribution system is a vital factor to determine the success or failure of the businesses, especially those in the food industry, Vissan will also give priority to distribution channels development, optimization and diversification of the company distribution system. At the same time, invest resources to build high-quality cattle breeding areas with traceability; strengthen control of food hygiene and safety for the whole product; building and perfecting a safe and sustainable food supply chain "from farms to meal forks". All of the Vissan’s these efforts aim to make better fulfill  of  the mission of "providing safe products" , with high nutritional value and convenience quality, bringing a better and richer life to the community".