ALPEC & Vietnam Elevators jouney to reach out the world market

Ngày 06 tháng 01 năm 2022

Ministry of Industry and Trade could list of its products to domestic ones as the main productions of the company in 2014 after 7 years, Vietnamese elevators have been gradually "reaching out to the world", conquering not only the strictest markets but also the most potential markets.


Elevator is a product of the industrial revolution at the end of the 19th century in European countries. Its birth is compared to help people conquer the heights quickly. Instead of having to go through many "diagonals" to reach the desired height, the elevator, as its definition is recorded in dictionaries of all languages ​​over the world, is " It helps people and goods move in vertically way”.

The more developed human society, the more advanced the technology and the higher the elevator's operating range. Billionaire Sir. Elon Musk - founder of the electric car company Tesla, who has the ambition to send people to Mars, even he has the ambition to build an elevator to take people out of the atmosphere and look at the universe. It seems that because of the clearly defined with "mission" is always "going up" to conquer such heights, so the world elevator industry is always going up positively growth.

Statistics show that, from the beginning of the 21st century until now, the human demand for elevators have been increasing by an average of 5.9% per year. In 2020, the total value of the elevator products is newly manufactured and put into use worldwide it will reach 128 $ billion (about 3 million billion VND).

The Covid-19 pandemic has appeared and raged around the world, causing a lot of disturbances in human life. However, elevators production and manufacturing are one of the few careers assessed by world economic experts as having good resistance to the negative impacts of Covid-19 pandemic. It is predicted that from now to 2027, the scale of the world elevator market will continuously expand with more than 1 million new products per- year, bringing the number of elevators in use worldwide to 24 million units. Bringing huge the revenue source for the companies operating in the field of manufacturing, producing, installation and maintenance services.


Before the bright future of the world elevator industry, the opportunity is not only given to the "The big firms" with a long tradition of the producing and manufacturing elevators in Europe. Because the "elevator factory of the world" has gradually moved from the former continent to the Asian region in the past two decades. Elevator manufacturing and assembly factories have sprung up from Japan to China and Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam etc has promoted the strong formation and development of many Asian Elevator Brands.

ALPEC is one of the elevator pruduction company which has meet the head of leading possition in Vietnam for 20 years

After re-gaining market share at home, Asian elevator Brands are turning to conquer new markets in the America now, Australia and especially the Middle East and Africa - where the Reportedly, it has a "hot" development rate and has many points that are consistent with the pricing strategy, product design, etc. Asian elevator companies. According to a survey, it has conducted in June 2021, the Middle East and Africa countries will be the central markets for the elevator products manufacturing between now and 2030. Meanwhile, the cash flows go up more than 100 $ billion will flow back to the "factories" in Asia.

In the optimistic picture of the Asian elevator manufacturing and producing industry, Vietnam is also considered a bright spot, possessing an impressive growth rate. Production capacity is constantly improving, factories have sprung up in all 3 regions, making the domestic market gradually become "narrow" into the fierce competition in terms of both product quality and service.

In order to survive and develop to new heights, Vietnam elevator production and manufacturing industry certainly cannot stay out of the common vision of the whole Asia region. So the way to explore new markets cannot be missed out there!


One of the pioneering Vietnamese company "booking tickets" on the conquest “train” of the Asian elevator industry that is probably ALPEC Joint Venture Joint Stock Company (JSC), which has highly appreciated for nearly 20 years of experience in the market, leading large elevator manufacturer in the Northern region. A  large-scale factory has located with a capacity of the 8,000 products per-year and the modern production machinery systerm in Hung Yen, ALPEC is the first elevator company in Vietnam to produce high-speed elevators is 7 m/s, the longest gearless motor or escalator in Vietnam. ALPEC's elevator construction and installation capacity is also highly appreciated with a series of the large bidding packages deployed in Vietnam as well as a number of other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The ALPEC factory has an expected capacity of producing up to 8,000 elevator products per-year

In September 2021, ALPEC (JSC.,) and FUJI Elevator (Malaysia) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, preparing for a plan to bring products and elevators manufactured to Vietnam markets and international School. According to FUJI Elevator Malaysia, it will become another foreign shareholder of the ALPEC, along with FUJI Elevator Japan. Thus, ALPEC will become a combination of the long-standing brands in the elevator industry of Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia markets.

FUJI Elevator Malaysia was established in 1992, is an elevator company that owns the copyright of the FUJI elevator brand that has built a system of agents and cooperation across all continents for many years, continuing to open market to Middle East and Africa countries now.

ALPEC manufactured Products in Vietnam will be distributed in the international market   
through FUJI Elevatorsprestigious distributors/ braches system.

Sir. The Duy Hoang (ALPEC JSC Permanent Deputy General Director) said that: “ALPEC and FUJI Elevators Malaysia are sharing a clear development goal in the elevator manufacturing field. Each company has its own strengths, has effectively exploited its own market, and the combination will certainly promote the resources in each of the parties. This cooperation will help elevator products manufacture in Vietnam particularly, from ASEAN and Asia in general to the potential markets around the world.”

According to the newly signed strategic agreement, FUJI Elevator Japan and FUJI Elevator Malaysia will provide equipment, materials, components based on the standards of FUJI (Japan) and authorize ALPEC to manufacture elevator products. According to the technical standards of FUJI Malaysia and Japan, these products will  be exported to markets in Asia, the Middle East, Australia,  US etc through the international agent system of FUJI Elevator Malaysia.

Vietnam elevator products will go abroad strongly after ALPEC strategic cooperation agreements with FUJI Elevator Malaysia. This is a big and proud step forward for the elevator industry particularly and generally in the manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

In December 2021, after the great marks on the journey of bringing Vietnamese elevator products to the world market, ALPEC Joint Stock Company was honored as the Top 10th leading Brands in Vietnam. This is a well-deserved recognition for ALPEC, is an important foundation for ALPEC to keep on its journey to record the mark of "Made in Vietnam" elevators in the international map.

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