Krub.O is honored to receive the Top 10the of the Vietnam Top Brands 2021

Ngày 31 tháng 12 năm 2021

To overcome many large domestic enterprises in Vietnam, Krub.O - a brand is qualifiedly providing the ingredients for preparing Vietnamese agricultural products and beverages that is proud to be honored with "Top 10th of the Vietnam Top Brands" in the formal meeting of the solemn ceremony in the morning of December 25th at Ben Thanh Theater and broadcast directly on TV channel HTV1.
"Vietnam Top Brands 2021" is an annual program which is held to honor the prestigious and leading Vietnamese brands that have made positive contributions to the country's economy, while promoting promote the brand, products and services of the business to consumers. With the constant efforts and development, Krub.O - the number 1st  brand specializing in providing ingredients for preparation of beverages in Vietnam is one of the few excellent brands to be awarded the Top 10th of the  Top Brand Awar Vietnam 2021 early.

Krub.O is honored to be awarded Top 10th of the Vietnam Top Brands 2021
Krub.O has been continuously launching and researching and developing their own products, aiming to reach the international level and affirm the pioneering position of the brand specializing in beverage ingredients on the journey to enhance brand value. from Vietnamese agricultural products – No. 1 quality in Vietnam market. Krub.O continues focuses on manufacturing quality products, distributing ingredients for preparation, serving essential needs in daily life, and improving the quality of life for Vietnamese people as following those achievements.
Krub.O has many years of accompanying with Vietnamese farmers in specialized agricultural areas to process delicious and quality ingredients with the principle of putting  consumers' health first as center.
The award is a proof to prove that Krub.O's constant efforts and achievements over thru the past year
Krub.O's exploitation is Vietnamese agricultural products’ quintessence that  is reflected in the rigorous research and selection of the raw materials . The fresh ingredients stretch from the tea hills on the Moc Chau plateau to the pineapple farm in Ninh Binh province or to the fruit gardens in all parts of the country to bring out a rich, unique flavor of the drinks. 
Krub.O is proud to own a diverse portfolio with many outstandings products  that help for restaurant owners to easily build a quality drinks menu such as: Pearl, Topping Jelly, Smoothie/Jam, Tea & Coffee, Matcha Powder, Milk powder etc, brings products that are diverse in taste going along with the current trends.
It’s unnecessary to hesitate about finding and buying quality ingredients - good prices, Vietnamese F&B businesses can safely choose Krub.O to accompany the brand to bring delicious and nutritious drinks to diners while still increasing profits. 
The award of Top 10th of the  Vietnam  Top Brands in 2021 is the clear demonstration of Krub.O's continuously efforts and achievements during the past year of the investment and development. In the future, Krub.O aims to strive step by step to meet the domestic market and meet international export standards.
Krub.O is a great brand that is distributed by NML Global Co., Ltd., specializing in beverage ingredients from Vietnam top quality of  Vietnamese agricultural products.
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